Eternal ¦ PVE -The Island

Eternal ¦ PVE -The Island


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Création 07/11/2020 15:52
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ETERNAL ARK community,
is a small community of ark players who like a balanced PvE experience with the current rates being:

➥ 2x Exp
➥ 5x Harvest
➥ 5x Taming
➥ Fast Breeding

And great mods like:

➥ S+
➥ Ultra Stacks
➥ Death Recovery
➥ Ark Additions
➥ Dino Storage
➥ Auto Engrams
➥ Creature Finder Deluxe
➥ Awesome Teleporters & Awesome SpyGlass
➥ Gem and Crystal Forge & Artifacts Craft

We also use plugins, while you play you receive points to use in the /shop.
To allow the server to receive more people, you can vote.
For each vote you will receive a reward!

At the end of the month the Top 3 players who voted the most, we give awards that you find by pressing the F1 key.

Fell fre to join our Discord server

Join us now!!

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